Thursday, August 28, 2008


i just found out that i am going to be living in langata, a southwest suburb of nairobi. it has a gate to the national park and one of nairobi's main concert grounds. i'll be living with a 33 year old vet, his 29 year old wife, his 4 year old son, and his 22 year old sister. i'm delighted at this news, relieved to be living with a younger family, and in particular to have someone my age around the house.

oh, and i'm living beside the police station. i suppose in a city like nairobi, this is a good thing.

Monday, August 25, 2008

i am a fool with two black eyes.

goodbye american summer

so, in less than a week i'm headed off to spend 5 months in kenya. i'm so excited, yet terrified at the same time. i know that as soon as i hit the ground in nairobi, time will fly by, but i'm really going to miss all of the great people i love in madison. because my access to the internet will be limited to short periods of time in cafes, the blog will have to serve as my main form of communication to you, my friends.

still have a few days to relax though, and let my scabs from my nyc spill heal.

i'm going to miss everyone loads, but i'll see you on friday for my last american dance party of the year, and your last of the summer.