Monday, December 22, 2008

terminal one

i have a 7 hour layover at heathrow before heading to dublin for christmas, and the speed of the internet is astounding. i can't keep up.

also have a long story about my last few days on the continent, which involves 24 hours in a truck with a 21 south african boys, but don't have the sterling to do so here.

however, must include a story about my flight from nairobi. jomo kenyatta international airport is relatively small, and jessie (who was on the same flight) and i grabbed a coffee before heading to our gate. at a table behind me, i recognized a familiar face, but it took me a few minutes to place it. turns out it is one of the filmmakers of invisible children, the documentary that influenced me to choose this particular development program in kenya. needless to say, i approached him, thanking him for his film and all the rest.

more soon.

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ilovephilosophy17 said...

I am dying to hear your story.
I am going to miss your blog, lady!